Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch out for the SCAMS! Particularly data entry / check cashing scams.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot about scams. The most recent one to pop up (again) is a check cashing scam.
The 'company' posts ads in classifieds (online and print), CraigsList, work / job forums (particularly work at home), etc., about accounting / book keeping jobs.
The job is to cash checks that they send to you, keep your cut, and then print a new check for one of their 'vendors' or 'employees'.
The technical term for this is Money Laundering. It is against the law and if you participate, you could face jail time.
Once hired (everyone whom contacts them is hired), they tell you to go buy a new computer, sometimes printers, desks, and other costly items, and that they will reimburse you for these items. If you actually receive a check, it will always either bounce, or have a 'stop payment' on it.

If you see these type of 'jobs' posted, click the report or abuse button, so the web site knows about and can remove them.

Some legitimate companies will want you to have the latest computers and office equipment, and will provide them for you. They will have a relationship with a vendor, and will have any necessary items sent to you (at their cost, not yours).

Be careful out there - and remember - NEVER pay any money for a job. If they are asking you for money (or for you to buy expensive items), it is a SCAM.

Wishing you success,