Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something new....* Update 30-Sep-2009 *

This is interesting IM Report Card is the only Internet marketing community that's updated daily with new and unbiased reviews of popular Internet marketing products, services and people.
Get the real scoop before you buy, grade products you're familiar with, report scams, add comments and share your experiences, and get paid just for participating.

So, we can give good reviews to the legitimate online jobs, and bad reviews to the scams. You accrue points for reviews, comments, and grades you give (you can comment on and grade other peoples reviews). The points are converted to cash - then you get paid!!!!

I have been working on IM Report Card today, and am really enjoying it. I have given good reviews and grades to the sites that I have used and have received payment from. I have also commented on and graded the sites that I have found to be scams. IM Report Card is really a great site - it can help those of us that are looking for online work. You can look up a site that you are interested in, and immediately see reviews and grades on that site.
Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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