Monday, February 8, 2010

It's been a while....

I apologize for length of time since my last post. My entire family was sick for three weeks!! Ugh! Glad that's over!

Anywho - just wanted to share a quick 'non work at home' related item, because it is a sister business to IMShopping. Nimblebuy is a great site where you can get HUGE deals an all things shopping. For instance, there is a deal right now, 70 % Discount on 18 Premium Red Roses Bouquet with a Free Heart Pendant! Only $20 + S/H, found here . Check it out and get some serious deals!

So.....The question I get, most often is: Where do you make the most money? And, the answer continues to be IMShopping , and Weegy.

Both are questions and answer sites. However, both very different.

IMShopping is a a site where people ask shopping related questions (such as, where can I find the best deal on a mini laptop?). Shopping Assistant / Guides answer those questions (using the IMShopping bookmarklet ), suggest products, and get paid for it (FUN!).

Weegy is a site where people ask about anything and everything. Experts answer those questions as they come in (sometimes the questions are conversational, sometimes more fact finding).

Both online jobs are a blast, and definitely are my top sources of income. Enjoy!

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