Monday, November 30, 2009

IMShopping is starting the next wave of hiring!

IMShopping is starting the next wave of hiring for shopping Assistants / Guides, this week!

You need to sign up as a Community Member, and answer 25 questions, to be considered.

Once you are signed up, click the 'Answer' tab and answer any questions that interest you. It is good to answer questions that already have an answer, because there has to be more than one answer to be eligible for Best Answer. If you win Best Answer, you will be paid $2.00(not bad for a minute or two of your time!).
Payout is $40.00, IMShopping pays to PayPal every Monday.

If you are invited to be a Shopping Assistant / Guide, you will be paid $0.35 for every question answered, as well as receive bonuses for positive feedback / thumbs up ($.065), and Best Answers ($1.65).
Payout is $20.00, paid to PayPal every Monday. So, there really is potential to make quite a bit of extra money!

IMShopping is a completely Legitimate Online Job! They always pay when they are supposed to. I have never been disappointed!

Get signed up with IMShopping now, and start making some money, legitimately!

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