Thursday, November 12, 2009

IMShopping ROCKS!

The more that I work for IMShopping, the more I LOVE it!!! IMShopping has become one of my top sources of income!
I am recruiting new Shopping Assistants / Guides - read on!

IMShopping is a site where people ask shopping questions, and the Shopping Assistants / Guides answer the questions, and add suggestions with our special 'bookmarklet' that allows us to add products to our answers.
For instance, someone was looking for an inexpensive Chanel top. I found some great tops, gave a little description, and added the products for her to choose from.

You would start out as a Community Member, and answer questions. If your answer is voted 'Best Answer', you get $2.00 (not bad for a few minutes of your time!). When you reach $40.00 in your account, you can either cash out to PayPal, or choose a gift card(your choice).

Once you have answered 25 questions, and if you are giving good answers, you will be considered for a Shopping Assistant / Guide position, where you are employed as a Contractor. Shopping Assistants are guaranteed pay for every question answered (cash out is $20.00), and bonuses for answers that are marked 'useful' or winning 'Best Answer'.

Also IMShopping is pleased to announce a Best Questions contest. Simply go to IMShopping or Twitter us at @imshopping and post your questions. Your question could be selected as our “Most Interesting’ or “Most Active” question which means you can win $50. You must ask 10 questions per day to enter. Contest will be awarded weekly, and goes until further notice. You will have the choice of a gift card or cash. Get those questions in!

Go to IMShopping to get signed up.

Have fun and enjoy that extra cash in your pocket!

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