Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Biggest Sources Of Income

I have been receiving a lot of questions about my biggest sources of income. So, I thought I would share.

My top two sources are: IMShopping and Weegy .

They are both question and answer sites, but very different from each other. IMShopping is purely shopping questions.
Whereas Weegy is a variety of questions about every subject. I have included detail descriptions of both, below.

I do pretty well with some pay to click sites, too. My top three are: Trek Pay , You Data , and NeoBux

IMShopping is a site where people ask shopping questions, and the Shopping Assistants / Guides answer the questions, and add suggestions with our special 'bookmarklet' that allows us to add products to our answers.

You would start out as a Community Member, and answer questions. If your answer is voted 'Best Answer', you get $2.00 (not bad for a few minutes of your time!). When you reach $40.00 in your account, you can either cash out to PayPal, or choose a gift card or prize (your choice).

Once you have answered 25 questions, and if you are giving good answers, you will have the option of becoming a Shopping Assistant / Guide, where you are employed as a Contractor. Shopping Assistants are guaranteed pay for every question answered (cash out is $20.00), and bonuses for answers that are marked 'useful' or winning 'Best Answer'.

IMShopping also runs contests, from time to time. A $50 best question contest just ended. Check back to learn about more contests to come!

Weegy - is a community-based expert system.

You can sign up to become a Weegy Expert, and answer questions. You are paid for each conversation you participate in. You also accumulate points from customer ratings, comments on the Weegy blog, and archived conversations. Weegy has a monthly points contest, and the top three Experts receive bonus money (1st gets $100, second gets $75, and third gets $50).
I have won first or second place in the points contest several times.

People asking questions of Weegy can also request particular Experts for a fee, and that Expert will receive additional money.

All of these sites can help you bring in a nice supplemental income. With the holidays right around the corner, we could all use some extra money!

Wishing you success!

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