Saturday, June 19, 2010

AyuWage drops payouts to $1.00!!!

This is exciting news! Previously, AyuWage had payout set at $5.00. Now that they have dropped payout to $1.00, you can get paid much sooner!

Or, if you wait until you accrue $10.00 in your account, you get 400 bonus credits added back to your account (you get credits from clicking links. Credits = money)!

AyuWage is a PTC (pay to click) that is similar to Trek Pay.
You click links to websites, and either view content, or click ads (per instructions).
This site has a ton of links to click, and adds more, regularly (check back a couple of times per day, and you will have a ton to click). AyuWage also offers instant payment, when you reach payout (via Paypal or AlertPay).

Get signed up at AyuWage and start making money!

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Also, if you want to place ads, you can use AyuAds.



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  2. I am glad you are finding my blog helpful!

    Wishing you success,

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  4. Are u sure Wendy? That's really good news! coz I just signed up today and I read their minimum payout is 5$.

  5. The payout was $1, on June, 19, 2010, when the original post was made. I haven't visited AyuWage in some time, so I am not sure what the payout is today.
    My experience with them was very good, though. A lot of opportunity to make money. They were always consistent with payout, too. Always paid on time, etc. Good company, overall.

    Best of luck!