Monday, June 7, 2010

I LOVE IMShopping and Weegy!!!

Both jobs are answering questions online - both VERY FUN - yet both are very different.

Weegy - questions come in live, about any and all subjects, and you answer them (based on your knowledge, or you can look up the answer on google, wikipedia, etc.). I have been receiving a lot of relationship questions, or general internet questions (i.e. what is you favorite search engine?).
Weegy pays $0.20, per question answered. There is also a monthly points contest where you can $100.00 for first place, $75.00 for second, $50 for third, as well as $10 usually for 4th - 10th place.
Weegy pays monthly via via Paypal. .

IMShopping - all questions are shopping related. People looking for products, and often the best deals. You look up the products, and make your recommendations. The last question I answered was for someone looking for a good price on skinny jeans. I found a bunch of cute pairs, for great prices, and recommended them.
You would start out as a community member, competing for best Answer, which is worth $1.00. Once you have answered 10 questions (and have answered them well), you will be invited to be a Shopping Guide.
IMShopping pays Shopping Guides $.035 for every question answered. And, there are regular (usually a few times each day) contests to win an extra $5.00 or $10.00.
IMShopping pays weekly, on Monday, via Paypal.

If you are looking to make some extra money online, while having fun, I highly recommend you sign up for Weegy and IMShopping right away!

Wishing you all success, making money online, legitimately!

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