Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IMShopping Rocks!!!

Have a shopping question? Go to IMShopping. Looking for the best deal? Go to IMShopping.

Want to make some extra money online? Go to IMShopping!

IMShopping is a human assisted shopping web site. People ask shopping related questions, and often are looking for the best deals. You look up the products, and make your recommendations.
The last question I answered was for someone looking for a good price on skinny jeans. I found a bunch of cute pairs, for great prices, and recommended them.

You would start out as a community member, competing for Best Answer, which is worth $1.00. Once you have answered 10 questions (and have answered them well), you will be invited to be a Shopping Guide.
IMShopping pays Shopping Guides $.035 for every question answered. And, there are regular (usually a few times each day) contests to win an extra $5.00 or $10.00.
IMShopping pays weekly, on Monday, via Paypal.

Wishing you success!


  1. Hi Wendy, Great blog and I like your theme a lot. I'm intrigued about the IMshopping deal, I had a chance at it back after I first started blogging. To tell you the truth I guess I kind of put it in the category of Secret Shopper that I've never really heard great things about. So I'm thinking this might be something I'll look into. I did wanted to ask you about if send you tons of emails, with taking care of a blog and all that goes w/it sometimes some of the surveys or other type opportunities can really take too much of ones time. I'll check back w/you plus I will make sure to put you on my list of visiting sites. jj

  2. Hi JJ!
    You don't need to send any emails with IMshopping. All of the work is on the website. You select a question to answer, and a window pops up, for you to answer in. You can use the search function (to search for products) at the bottom of the pop up, or you can search on google, etc.

    Feel free to ask any more questions!