Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few ways to make money with Twitter.

There are some legitimate companies that will pay you to advertise with your Twitter account. You will not make a ton of money with these  - but every little bit helps, right?

Mylikes is a word-of-mouth advertising platform that allows the long tail of influencers on the web to create endorsements for products and services they like. We are attempting to change the way brand and discovery advertising is done on social media and other places on the web where influencers have a more engaged following, by letting the influencers (who are the ones who understand their audience the best) choose and write endorsements in their voice.
You post the links of your choice, and get paid.

RepYourSound is for musicians trying to sell their music. You rewteet their links (listed on the site), and get paid.

Sponsored Tweets
You sign up, set your price (they suggest a price to get you started), and wait for the advertisers to contact you. You choose the ads that you want to run, and you get paid.
Your Twitter account has to be at least 60 days old, and you need 50 followers in order to be active.

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