Monday, August 16, 2010

It's not personal - it's just business.

Right? I am trying to remind myself of that. I spent thirteen years in the corporate world, and certainly understand the concept of , "It's not personal - it's just business." However, I am taking it personally (at least a little).

The project that I have been working on for a couple of months, has come to a close today. It has nothing to do with the work that I or any of my teammates did. The project was just done. We actually did great work, that I am really proud of.
This project was by far the 'biggest' work from home project that I have ever worked on, and I already miss it. Not only will I miss the comfy paycheck that went along with it, but I will miss my teammates. I met some lovely people whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. All people like me - Stay At Home Moms, working from home. I will stay in touch with these wonderful people, and hope that we can work together again.

I am hoping the project will be 'revived' when it gets closer to the holidays. And, I am very hopeful that since this door has closed, there is another one around the corner that is waiting to open.
Here's to being hopeful!

Wishing you all success,

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