Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Changes at is no longer hiring Shopping Guides to answer shopping questions. They have chosen to go to an all Community Member based answering system. I understand why the change was made - it was just good business for them.
For the Shopping Guides that were working for (I haven't answered questions for a while. Got burned out, and was busy on other projects), it is a definite bummer. The Shopping Guides were guaranteed pay for each question answered, whereas the Community Members compete for Best Answer (worth $1.00), and any tips the person asking the question is offering.
With that said, there is still money to be made. So, give good answers and win Best Answer!
If you have a shopping question, are looking for a particular product, or the best deal, visit and ask. It's a great website!


  1. I was wondering what was going on with the site. Regardless, though it seems to be overrun with spam actually. I don't see anywhere to mark answers as spam, and many of the questions come from Madison Workshop which are usually very specialized questions that only they can answer. Lastly, kim seems to have disappeared as well. Do pay outs still occur every Monday then?

  2. Hmm...I just looked at the site, and the spam button seems to have disappeared. Not sure why.
    Payment was on Mondays for the Shopping Guides, only. Community Members can cash out when their account reaches $40.00.
    Kim is still around, just not as much. Kim used to be on all of the time, to be a point of contact for the Shopping Guides. Now that the Shopping Guides are gone, she does not need to be on so much. With all of that said, you can still email her if you have a question.

    Good luck! :)